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image: Jan Willem Kaldenbach | @ all rights reserved


On the conceptual paintings of Tjebbe Beekman.

There are painters for whom their profession is not enough. They emphasise that there is a difference between art and painting and place themselves on the side of art. Tjebbe Beekman is one such painter for whom it is important to be an artist even though he has never worked with any materials other than paint and canvas and has no intention of departing from this medium.

So what is behind this scepticism with regard to one’s own profession? What is the underlying problem causing the painter to distance himself from painting? Lovers of painting may well find the entire issue dubious, but these are questions which Beekman’s work deliberately provokes.

curriculum vitae

1972, Leiden, NL

Currently lives and works in Amsterdam

2004-2013 lives and works Berlin, Germany

1993- 1997 Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, The Hague


2003- 2004 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam

2004 Koninklijke Ahrend, Holland

Other Activities

2019 guest curator at Gemeente museum Den Haag for Top Floor
2019 writes essay for Kunstschrift
2010-2015  Jury member for the Royal Painter Price given by The Queen of the Netherlands
2010-          Visiting Professor at St. Joost Academy for visual arts Den Bosch, NL
2011-          Visiting Professor at Royal Academy for visual arts The Hague, NL
2012-2019      Board member “werkveld commissie” Royal Academy for visual arts The Hague, NL

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 …wait hold that thought, Stigter/van Doesburg, Amsterdam
2015 Solo Stigter/van Doesburg, Amsterdam
2012 Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam
2009 Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam
2008 Gem, museum of Contemporary Art, Den Haag
2006 Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Where is the Madness You Promised Me,Hudson Valley Museum of Modern Art, NY, USA
2019 Top Floor, Gemeente museum Den Haag (kunstmuseum), Den Haag, NL (curator)
2019 Van Cobra tot Boorolie, Stedelijk museum, Schiedam, NL
2019 Out of office, Singer museum, Laren, NL
2019 Freedom – The Fifty Key Dutch Artworks Since 1968, Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, NL
2018 De meest eigentijdse schilderijen tentoonstelling, Museum Dordrecht, NL
2017 Art Rotterdam, galerie Stigter van Doesburg
2017 Rumoer in de stad, Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, NL (incl. written essay for opening)
2016 Engage, Exchange, DNB art collection, NL
2016 Silence out loud, Kranenburgh Museum, Bergen, NL
2015 Publication of “HIER” artist book in collaboration with writer/poet Robert Anker.
2015 “It’s not your paintings I like, it’s your painting”, Galerie Stigter Van Doesburg
2014 Bad Thoughts, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2013 Landsschappen op Buitenplaats Beeckestijn, NL
2013 Gemeente Museum Helmond, NL
2013 Galerie Jochen Hempel, Berlin/Leipzig, DE
2013 The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe since 1945, Palazzo Reale Milano, Italy
2013 Cobra tot Dumas de collectie de Heus-Zomer, Singer museum Laren, NL
2012 The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe since 1945, Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin
2012 Just Paint, Gem, museum of Contemporary Art, Den Haag
2012 OH CRISIS! #3 life beyond the crisis, Frankendael foundation, Amsterdam
2011 What’s Up! De jongste schilderkunst in Nederland, Museum Dordrecht
2011 I promise to love you, Caldic Collection, Kunsthal museum for contemporary art, Rotterdam
2011 On Paper, Gem, museum of Contemporary Art, Den Haag
2010 Blick Ohne Ende, Autocenter Berlin
2010 Wolvecamp Prijs , Hengelo
2008 -Quo Vadis Autocenter, Berlin
– Canary in a Coalmine, SMBA, Amsterdam, with Lucas Lenglet
– Eyes Wide Open, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
2007 Xtra Large, HVCCA Museum, Peekskill, New York
2006 -Vincent van Gogh and Expressionism, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
– Nederland / Duitsland Malerei, Gem, museum of Contemporary Art, Den Haag
2005 Le Peintre de la Vie Moderne, De Paviljoens, Almere
2004 -Buning Brongers prijzen 2004, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
– Koninklijke Prijs voor de Schilderkunst, Stichting Koninklijk Paleis, Amsterdam
– Elsewhere, Fa Projects, London
2003 Koninklijke Prijs voor de Schilderkunst, Stichting Koninklijk Paleis, Amsterdam
2002 Props, MX0, The Hague
2001 -Stroom, The Hague
– DS Contemporary, The Hague
2000 – New Dutch Artists in Taiwan, Cherng Piin Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
– Galerie Vertrek & Verblijf, Amsterdam
1998 – DS Contemporary, The Hague

Reviews & Books

2015 “Hier” collaboration with writer/poet Robert Anker, 99publishers
2014 Zoo Magazine
2012 R.E.L., television review
2012 Beekman ontdekt het licht, NRC Handelsblad, Hans den Hartog Jager
2011 I promise to love you, catalogue Rotterdam / Caldic Collection
2011 Dutch Masters, A documentary film by Ditteke Mensink
2011 Verf!, studio interviews by Hans de Hartog Jager
2011 `Zo werken wij’, essay´s by Sacha Bronwasser
2011 Architecture magazine De Blauwe Kamer, interview about art and city scaping.
2011 Jaarboek KennisSamenleving 2010 philosphy dep. UVA University Amsterdam,
Image essay and cover by Tjebbe Beekman.
2009 `Wonen tussen de anderen’, Jurriaan Benschop
2009 4Art, television review
2009 De avonden, VPRO radio interview
2009 `Beekman gooit nu alle trossen los’ , Volkskrant, Marina de Vries
2009 Ìk schilder om niet te ontploffen’ , NRC Handelsblad,Lien Heyting
2008 `The image of the capsular Society’ , Catalogue Gem, Den Haag
2008 `Schurende Schoonheid`,Het Financieel Dagblad,Edo Dijksterhuis
2006 ‘Weg met de leegte’, NRC Handelsblad, Hans den Hartog Jager
2006 ‘Beklemmend’, Financieel Dagblad, Peter Kattenberg
2006 ‘Speelse mengvorm van kunst en kitsch’, De Telegraaf, Paola van de Velde
2004 Interview, NRC Handelsblad
2003 ‘We Have Seen the Future’ Art Review, selected by Diana Stigter
2003 ‘Veel Behaaglijk Werk op de Rijks Akademie’, Het Parool, Arjan Reinders
2003 ‘In Nederland is geen plaats voor rare snuiters’, Het Parool, Jhim Lamoree