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This year’s Art Brussels takes place at the new tours and taxi’s location which is a bit messy on entering as it’s still a construction site, but it’s Brussels so it’s hardly something to complain about. Especially because inside there is enough to see and talk about to forget where you are just for a while. A big contribution to such conversations is a public program produced by Brussels based Aleppo called Blackmarket that has an intriguing list of speakers and performances such as Dora Garcia and Natasha Ginwala.


When entering the fair one of the first things you can walk up to is the stripped technology of Emmanuel Van der Auwera revealing the underbelly of the effects of what unfolds on both sides of a monitor screen. He’s with Harlan Levey Projects who is one of the thirty galleries profiled as Discovery all located in the first hall: not older than eight years and presenting artists not yet introduced in the European context – although one could say not yet poignantly presented because Van der Auwera also currently has a work in a group show at Extra City.


Around the corner in the next hall Stigter Van Doesberg show a fearless combination of Peggy Franck and Tjebbe Beekman. It looks like they had fun to put it together and that’s compliment to the works.