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This year’s Art Brussels takes place at the new tours and taxi’s location which is a bit messy on entering as it’s still a construction site, but it’s Brussels so it’s hardly something to complain about. Especially because inside there is enough to see and talk about to forget where you are just for a while. A big contribution to such conversations is a public program produced by Brussels based Aleppo called Blackmarket that has an intriguing list of speakers and performances such as Dora Garcia and Natasha Ginwala.


Go see@ Art Rotterdam Van Nellefabriek / Feb 6 – 9






Tjebbe beekman Van Nellefabriek Stigter van Doesburg 2014

Go see@ Art Rotterdam stigter Van Doesburg 2

 Go see@ Art Rotterdam  Van Nellefabriek / Feb 6 – 9  Stigter Van Doesburg