This year’s Art Brussels takes place at the new tours and taxi’s location which is a bit messy on entering as it’s still a construction site, but it’s Brussels so it’s hardly something to complain about. Especially because inside there is enough to see and talk about to forget where you are just for a while. A big contribution to such conversations is a public program produced by Brussels based Aleppo called Blackmarket that has an intriguing list of speakers and performances such as Dora Garcia and Natasha Ginwala.


Art Brussels 2016 22-24 April

I’ll be showing new works @ Stigter van Doesburg

A little Life 185x135 cm 2016 small


Engage, Exchange


January 14 to February 26 2016

DNB’s art collection is not only of benefit to its employees, but also to visitors, in inspiring and encouraging a dialogue about the various subjects represented by the works of art. These engaged works revolve around artistic production that engages in a broad range of social, political, historical or economic events, actors or systems.  

We have combined works from three Rijksakademie residents, Wu Chi-Yu, Mahmoud Bakhshi and Sam Samiee, with a selection from our existing collection, including works from former Rijksakademie residents. This triggers a dialogue about the events, latent, ongoing or current, that inspire the artists and transpire in their works. Furthermore, this blend of works puts the collection in a new and fresh perspective and contributes to its recontextualisation. Art as a vehicle to convey a message and raise awareness of important issues will be the foundation of the exhibition. 

Participating artists: Ronald Ophuis, Tjebbe Beekman, Mounir Fatmi, Aline Thomassen, Chiyu Wu, Sam Samiee, Mahmoud Bakhshi. Curated by Corine van Emmerik.

100 Hollandse Meesters in EYE


Honderd Hollandse Meesters

Op 23 januari 2016 wordt het vijfde seizoen van de populaire kunstserie Hollandse Meesters in de 21e eeuw gepresenteerd. Er zijn dan 100 afleveringen gemaakt; een mijlpaal.

Dit heugelijke feit wordt in EYE gevierd met een festival van film en kunst. Vanaf 10.00 uur ‘s ochtends tot 01.00 ‘s nachts worden alle 100 Hollandse Meesters portretten in de cinema’s van het EYE vertoond. Ook zullen er de hele dag performances zijn van kunstenaars uit de Hollandse Meesters serie als Folkert de Jong, Maria Barnas en Pauline Oltheten. Voor de Hollandse Meesters hebben vele componisten en muzikanten muziek gemaakt. Op de festivaldag treden Jan Akkerman, Ernst Reijseger, Eric Vaarzon Morel, Tim Knol en vele anderen op. Ter ere van het bereiken van de honderdste aflevering is er tevens een website ontwikkeld.

It’s not your paintings I like, it’s your painting @ Stigter van Doesburg

As a part of Amsterdam Art Weekend (27-29th of November), Galerie Stigter Van Doesburg is hosting the opening of “It’s not your paintings I like, it’s your painting”, featuring works by:

– Tjebbe Beekman
– Peggy Franck
– Aukje Koks
– Helen Verhoeven
– Roman Wolgin

The exhibition runs 27.11.15 – 23.01.16
Opening: Friday 27 November, 5-8pm


Silence out loud groupshow @ Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen 15 december 2015 -12 juni 2016

Right now on view @ Gemeente Museum The Hague

Go see@ Art Rotterdam Van Nellefabriek / Feb 6 – 9






Tjebbe beekman Van Nellefabriek Stigter van Doesburg 2014

Go see@ Art Rotterdam stigter Van Doesburg 2

 Go see@ Art Rotterdam  Van Nellefabriek / Feb 6 – 9  Stigter Van Doesburg


Docu film in Dutch about artist Tjebbe Beekman by filmer Ditteke Mensink for 100 Dutch Masters project.

Tjebbe Beekman. The Image of the Capsular Society